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How does POE work?

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

The following video screencast from GSPamerica provides a good introductory explanation to power over ethernet – it runs for a little under ten minutes, so grab yourself a cup of tea and sit back and learn …

Understanding POE (Power Over Ethernet) from Peter Brissette on Vimeo.

Power Over Ethernet News and Articles

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Veracity POE ExtenderPower Over Ethernet (POE) allows power and data to be carried over the same network cable to a device. This ability to supply power to a device via a single easy-to-install (low-voltage) network data cable is very attractive to users.

The use of a single cable for power and data enables users to self-install new devices, negating the need for new mains power outlets requiring installation by certified electrical contractors.

POE technology is now well developed and can be used over greater distances and to supply higher power loads than was initially the case.

Typical devices to be fed via power-over-ethernet might be network cameras, wireless access points and Voice Over IP (VOIP) telephones, but, with the right combination of POE injectors and splitters, many different devices can be adapted to accept power over ethernet.

As with any developing technology there is a degree of technical complexity associated with POE, we have created this site to deliver news, information and explanations which will help you to understand POE and to take best advantage of what the technology enables you to do.

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