Ethernet Over Power

Homeplug Powerline Mains Networking Adapter

Ethernet Over Power is NOT the same as Power Over Ethernet.

Ethernet Over Power is more commonly known as Mains Networking, whereby the existing mains power cabling in a property can be utilised (by means of special adapters) as an ethernet network.

Several manufacturers are now using branding such as Powerline or Homeplug to encompass these solutions.

You will need at least two of these Mains Networking adapters. One used adjacent to the router or switch, and the other positioned adjacent to the device which you wish to reach and add to your network.

These adaptors typically take the form of a mains plug styled unit with a connector socket for an RJ45 plug to enable you to connect your network.

Mains networking is a good option for situations where it is difficult to extend your network to reach the new location, but where mains sockets fed from the same area as your main network already exist – outbuildings such as garages or garden offices are a good example.

NB in industrial 3-phase applications you need to be sure that both sockets used are on the same electrical phase.

Mains networking is also good for applications where it proves difficult to achieve consistent wireless network performance e.g. homes with thick walls or too many walls between the two locations, or even in castles or stately homes where the walls may simply be too thick for consistent wireless transmission.

The latest mains networking adapters can provide a link with a network speed up to 200Mbps and are becoming common place for media links, for example where audio and movies are stored on Network Attached Storage (NAS) at some position in the home and the homeowner then needs a good network link from this NAS to their home cinema setup in the lounge.

In addition to single plug adapters multi-outlet switches and hubs are available.

As far as we know there are not any devices yet which combine power over ethernet with mains networking e.g. use an adapter for the network over mains which can also provide the typical 12V DC barrel plug lead to power a VOIP phone or network camera. Unless you know different?


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