Benefits of POE

Just a list of a few of the benefits of using Power Over Ethernet to supply your field devices such as network cameras, VOIP phones, or wireless access points:

  • Safe wiring (never more than 57V DC; Typically 48V DC)
  • You can install it
  • No need for qualified ECA/NICEIC electricians, Part P Regulations etc.
  • Cost-effective; only one cheap network cable to each device
  • Extends the reach of your network; easy to push devices 100 metres (or more) away from the furthest extents of your network / mains wiring
  • Flexibility – you can move a device to any POE-fed data socket
  • Easy to maintain operation by the addition of a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to the source end
  • If you need to cycle the power to a POE-fed device you can do it from the ground/control room simply by disconnecting the data cable
  • No connection polarity issues (you can’t connect the wires the wrong way round, or apply the wrong type of power)
  • Seamless integration with existing ethernet networks
  • Power Over Ethernet is truly ‘plug ‘n’ play’

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